Holiday in Los Angeles

The flight was so long and we were very tired. Though we slept only 3 hours, we woke up in the middle of dawn because California is 9 hours behind Copenhagen. Jet lag is one of the major problem I have when I travel to a country with time differences.

Part of our holiday plan was to visit my husband’s family in Los Angeles. Ate Bing picked up us from the airport and before she drove us to Tita Linda´s house, she brought us to a Filipino restaurant, Gerry´s grill.

One of the problem I notice in California are, public transportations, if you don’t have a driver’s license or a car then I don’t know how you can manage to visit the places you want to see because I haven’t seen busses or train.

About the weather, if you don’t like the summer heat of California which is up to 37 degrees then choose the month of November to February.

LA has a ton of things to do, a lot of tourist’s spot like, beaches, museums, shows, amusement parks, universal studio etc. We also went to see the Hollywood sign, where Manny Pacquiao trains running up and down the hill near the Observatory.

I had a great experience in Los Angeles.

I felt like I was in the Philippines because of many reasons, firstly is the weather, where there is a similarity to the weather back home in the islands, lots of Pinoys, that makes you think twice if you are in the US or Philippines, you can find many Filipino restaurants for example jollibee, carenderia  and stores like goldielocks or redribbon.

What I enjoyed so much was the hospitality of my husband’s family, and just being with them. Isama na din yung mga lugar na sa mga movies and tv mo lang dati makikita.

The summary of our holiday was, we started in Los Angeles, we stayed for about 3 days then drove from LA to San Francisco and stayed there for 3 days then took the Big Sur route back to Los Angeles. After staying for another 3 days in LA, we rented a car to drive from LA to Las Vegas.

After 2 days in Las Vegas, we drove to see the hoover dam. So, what’s good about it, well you can see hoover dam in different movies like transformers, superman etc.

From hoover dam to Arizona (spent 2 days), then back again in Vegas and stayed for another 1 night and 1 day, where we took a flight from Vegas to New York.


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