San Francisco

San Francisco is a very expensive city, we chose a hotel or resort which is not actually located in the center of San Francisco because of many reasons,  first.. the hotel in the city are super expensive or maybe it was peak season during that time. Second reason was.. no parking space in the city.

We chose Marin suits hotel because it is located in a great area, it is actually located beside the mall and restaurants.There is a swimming pool, free Wi-Fi, big rooms, and free parking. The hotel offer breakfast buffet which is very important for a traveler because we need a lot of energy for the whole day of walking, running and sight seeing.  ( you can see our hotel room in my video)

Before you reach the hotel, you need to drive across the golden bridge and that was the highlight of my tour because I had a chance to experience the golden bridge for many times.

Have you heard the scary story of how they built the golden bridge?

There were people telling that it was very impossible to build the bridge because of the fog and the current of the water. The golden bridge is one of the top suicide site, they jumped off the bridge and they died on impact with the water since they often hit the water at around 130 km per hours or they die from hypothermia in the icy, turbulent water under the bridge…

One of my unlucky experiences was… our luggage was lost. I did not had a chance to buy extra clothes because we already planned our trip from day 1 to the end that’s why I borrowed my husband under shirt.

One of the famous place in San Francisco is the Alcatraz Island. It is a home to the most notorious prisoners. According to the news and documentary, the worst prisoners were automatically shipped to this island. There was no possible way for the prisoners to escaped the island until in 1962, when some of the prisoners managed to escaped the island. People doubted that the prisoners could survived the swim to the mainland across the cold waters of San Francisco.

I  decided not to visit and see personally how this prison island looks like because I don’t want to see how devilish the place is. But here’s a picture of me  looking at it.

usa 3 2016 363

I couldn’t upload all the pictures we had in san Francisco, but I managed to make a video about our tour.


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