newyork tour part1

Our last destination in USA. Whew! I actually writing and posting our tour though its too late. I don’t have time to write about it, just because I was too busy sa school after our tour. Now Im still busy but I don’t have the energy to read and write about my weekly presentation or mini oral exam. So sulat sulat muna ako ng konti.

after our hot/mega warm experience in vegas and Arizona, i was excited knowing that new York’s weather is better than these two states.

What to do in new York?

there are a lot of tourists attraction to visit. We stayed for 5 days and yet we didn’t had a chance to see and visit all the places on our lists. Even shopping is really hard to do.

Most of the tourists spot need early booking otherwise you waste time and energy. In 5 days of stay we only used public transport once, you only need a pair of good and comfy shoes to walk around the city.

what you need in new York?

energy and strength. My gosh it is really hard for me to wake up early so we can visit more places in a day, but you know, i wake up 9 am ( because breakfast ends at 10am) i always come down from our room with my pajama and messy hair just to eat breakfast before it ends. I tell to hubby most of the time, while i am half awake half sleeping , go down and eat alone but please bring some bread and juice for  me. Lagi na lang ako nagui guilt kase palagi ako ginigising and he always telling me, “me problema ka talga sa umaga, sayang binayad kung di mo man lang maeenjoy ang breakfast”




12 midnight! end of the day! going to bed tired and with cramping legs.


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