liberty helicopter tour

3rd day in new York. We planned to take a helicopter ride today, and again we didn’t know that we need to book first ahead, and because we couldn’t manage the time and we didn’t know how long it will take to get from one place to another so we arrived around 1pm. The weather was actually not good, it was raining and though we know that it may cause a delay or problem but still sa kagustuhan ipilit, pumunta pa din kami. When we reached the area, they said that it is very impossible because of zero visibility (heavy rain). I was so sad and disappointed, I checked the weather on my phone over and over again hoping that the rain will stop kahit na anong oras sa araw na yun. But the problem is, that day and the next 3 days, ay uulan, so I was really sad.

Hubby cheer me up and brought me to see the world trade memorial center. And the weather couldn’t stop us.


The next morning, it was still raining but not that heavy as the day before. So we tried it again and we were very lucky.

This is the best way to see the Manhattans skyway.

to be continued…….


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